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Judith Randel and Tony German set up Public Good with the objective of using the experience and expertise they have gained working in poverty reduction over the past 40 years to support anyone trying to make progress on the Agenda 2030 commitments to Leave No One Behind and reach the Furthest Behind First.

Judith and Tony think that the world needs to move beyond 20th Century mindsets of north/south, rich/poor, donor/recipient. The challenge is to recognise that the factors which cause poverty, inequality and climate change exist in every country.


Better measurement of value, better allocation of resources and stronger public engagement in societal choices and political processes are needed to accelerate progress towards delivering on Agenda 2030. 


Judith Randel, director. Focus on hunger and nutrition, disability, development finance, humanitarian issues and data analysis

Tony German, director. Focus on poverty & inequality, value, climate and public engagement
Florence Ndagire, working on disability inclusion, human rights specialist and barrister, based in Uganda
Charlotte Matthews, focus on the SDGs & Public Good's work on measuring value.
Tony German
Judith Randel

Judith is a regular speaker and moderator on issues around data and poverty. She has a distinguished masters from the University of Bath.


Judith has been on the Council for the Institute of Development Studies and the Board of ODI. 


She served on the Africa Partnership Initiative, the DAC Expert Panel on the future of ODA, the Independent Expert Group for the Global Nutrition Report and the Programme Committee of the UN World Data Forum 

Judith is a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Development Studies, Bath University and is currently supporting Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs on food and nutrition issues.

More about Judith coming soon contact

Tony has worked on poverty and sustainable development issues for over three decades.


Having completed a law degree, he decided to focus on social and economic change, aiming to apply the rigour associated with law to the use of data, evidence and analysis to end poverty, promote equity and improve resource allocation. 

Influenced and inspired by his brother David, Tony is proud to be on the board of  SWALLOW, a charity led by its members, supporting teenagers and adults with learning disabilities, to live the lives they choose.

He is a Visiting Fellow at CDS, Bath University and on the board of Bath Social Development Research. 

More about Tony coming soon contact 

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